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A growing trend across the country when selling a home is called "staging." For most people shows such as HGTV's "Designed to Sell" provide their only glimpse into this growing concept. Last year nearly 20% of homes listed were professionally staged, with another estimated 22% being staged by listing agents. Making a good first impression is critical when selling your home and staging can result in a faster sale at a higher price.

Staging usually begins on the exterior with what is usually called "curb appeal." The outside of the home must be just as appealing as the inside. Afterall, it is the first thing a homebuyer sees and often forms the basis for their opinion of the home. While most homeowners will mow the lawn, trim the hedge, or rake up the leaves, they often overlook the little things that make a home inviting. The average homeowner would probably be surprised how much of a positive response they would receive by simply giving the front door a fresh coat of paint, adding new mulch or rock to flower beds, or placing a pot of yellow flowers near the front door or on the patio.

Even more surprising is what can happen on the interior of the house by following a few simple steps and focusing on key areas. The first task is to rid the home of clutter. Many buyers cannot see past it to really evaluate the home. Buyers want to envision their own belongings in a home. That is much more difficult to do when the current owner's personal effects are taking up residence. Some quick tips in this area are to make sure the home's countertops, vanities, and refrigerator doors are as cleaned off as possible, extra furniture should be put into storage (not the basement or garage), being sure that all lightbulbs work, and light fixtures and fans are clean.

At times Realtors even employ props such as flowers, pillows, artwork, or other items to make the home more attractive or add that splash of color where needed. One thing to keep in mind however, is that no amount of props will take away from the possible issues regarding the interior and items such as new carpet or a fresh coat of paint could be required. It is usually best to take care of these issues BEFORE buyers are viewing your home as you only have ONE chance to make your ONLY impression.
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